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My stories are currently all dedicated to the character of Angel and most are also Buffy/Angel. I am a huge B/A shipper and make no apologies for that. There are many stories suitable for all, but some are adult rated - please do not read if you're under the legal age.

Stories are now archived by category.


Things you might like to know: Posting date refers to the original date the story went online, not necessarily the date posted here. A Rosebud is a short 500 word story, and some stories have little comments about the story after the index. This is the only place online that lists all of my stories, and links are provided to the ones not archived here.


Action or adventure stories

Children's Hour
Summary: Buffy and Angel must join forces to save the lives of three children
Posted: 2004. (Action) (B/A) (Rating:13)

Summary: Itís a long way home.
Posted in 2011 (Action) (B/A) (Adult)
Comment: This was written for 2011 IWRY Marathon.

Edge of Eternity
Summary: Supposing Buffy and Angel undertake a mission to another dimension... knowing that they can't come back?
Posted in 2003.(Action/AU) (B/A) (Adult) (Age 15 version)
Comment: the adult version came first but my daughter, then 15, complained at not being able to read it. The 15 rated version is for her.

Summary: It's a lovely sunny day
Posted in 2004.(Romance) (B/A) (13)

Summary: When Buffy faces danger in her dreams, Giles calls on the only one who can protect her.
Posted in 2001.(Action) (B/A) (13)
Comment: This was the first story I ever posted online. Was I nervous!

Out of Time
Summary: Who knows what the future holds?
Posted in 2006.(Adult) (B/A) (Adult)

Summary: After being unexpectedly swept away from Sunnydale, Buffy and Angel face a dangerous journey home
Posted in 2002.(Action) (B/A) (13)

The Prize
Summary: Following up on Doyle's vision, Angel finds something unexpected.
Posted in 2001.(Action) (13)



Bad Blood
Summary: Oz and Angel meet a new foe.
Posted in 2002.(Angst) (Rating: 13)
Comment: Written for my young daughter, who wanted a story with Oz, Angel, and Spike in it.

Summary: A missing scene between Angel and Dawn (A Rosebud story)
Posted in 2010.(angsty) (B/A) (13)

Summary: A Rosebud Story
Posted in 2010.(Angsty) (B/A) (13)

Love Hurts
Summary: Willow talks to Angel about Oz.
Posted in 2001.(Angst) (None) (13)

Summary: Who can save the slayer?
Posted in 2002.(Angst) (B/A) (13)

Summary: What do you do when your heart is broken?
Posted in 2008.(Missing scene) (B/A) (13)

Summary: A set of three drabbles with the prompt of Petals.
Posted in 2005.(Drabbles) (B/A) (13)

Summary: A Rosebud Story
Posted in 2010.(Angsty) (B/A) (13)

The Lull
Summary: Sometimes the easiest decisions are the hardest to make.
Posted in 2007.(Angst) (B/A) (Adult)

Summary: Buffy finds that she doesn't have to cope alone.
Posted in 2005.(Angst) (B/A) (13)



Dead End
Summary: Dangerous Times
Posted in 2012 (B/A) (General)
Comment: Zombie fic!

Fade Out
Summary: It's always about the blood
Posted in 2009.(action) (B/A) (Rating: 15)

Summary: The world is falling apart, and she thinks she is falling with it.
Posted in 2012 (B/A) (Adult)
Comment: Written for the IWRY Marathon

Love Lies Bleeding
Summary: Five years after the End of Days, those who are left try to get by as best they can...
Posted in 2003.(Dark, future) (B/A) (Adult)
Comment: This story, thanks to Leni, was the one that brought my work into the public eye. Itís still probably my favourite, for that reason.

Shades of Grey
Summary: There is no colour anywhere
Posted in 2011.(Dark) (B/A) (13)
Comment: Written for the 2011 IWRY Marathon.

Thursday's Child
Summary: Thy have far to go
Posted in 2012 (B/A) (Adult)
Comment: Written for IWRY Marathon

Summary: All things come to those who wait.
Posted in 2006.(Dark) (B/A) (13)

While She Was Sleeping
Summary: Heís not sure what the fascination is in watching her sleep, but heís been doing it for years.
Posted in 2011 (B/A) (Adult)
Comment: This was written as a backup story for 2011 IWRY Marathon.



A Good Christmas
Summary: Fear not said the Angel, Let nothing you affright
Posted: 2004. (Christmas, humour) (B/A) (Rating:Adult)

Christmas Drabbles
Summary: Christmas Drabbles written for the Blood Roses Advent Calendar
Posted: 2007. (Drabbles) (B/A) (Rating:13)

Christmas Meeting
Summary: When you need help, who do you turn to? .
Posted in 2012(B/A) (Adult)
Comment: Written for Christmas Warriors

Christmas Presence
Summary: All I want for Christmas...
Posted: 2002. (Christmas) (B/A) (Rating:13)

Christmas Snow
Summary: Utter Fluff
Posted: 2006. (Christmas, fluff) (B/A) (Rating:13)

Christmas Warriors
Summary: Warriors donít get days off.
Posted in 2011 (Christmas) (B/A) (Adult)
Comment: This was written for my new Christmas site. Christmas Warriors.

Let it Snow
Summary: Angel has no place to go.
Posted in 2007.(Christmas) (B/A) (13)

One Day at a Time
Summary: Forever is composed of nows. ~ Emily Dickinson.
Posted in 2007.(Christmas) (B/A) (13)

Perfect Christmas
Summary: Buffy and Angel's life is just perfect. Right?
Posted in 2007.(Christmas) (B/A) (13)



After the Shanshu
Summary - A mini rosebud story.
Posted: 2003. (Dark) (B/A) (Rating:13)

Summary: Close your eyes...
Posted: 2005.(Dark) (B/A) (Adult)

Hell and High Water
Summary: Don't pay the Ferryman
Posted in 2010.(Dark) (B/A) (Adult)

Summary: Even Angel can be afraid of the dark.
Posted in 2002.(Dark) (B/A) (13)



Flight Plan
Summary: A mini Rosebud story.
Posted in 2006.(Romance/fluff) (B/A) (Adult)

Frozen Moments
Summary: One who lives forever must find a way to remember.
Posted in 2007.(Romance/fluff) (B/A) (Adult)

Summary: Angel likes red.
Posted in 2004.(Fluff) (B/A) (13)
Comment: Written for Leni.



Damsel in Distress
Summary: Sometimes a girl wants the fairytale.
Posted: 2005. (Humour) (B/A) (Rating:13)

Summary: Pets are for life, not just...
Posted in 2005.(Humour) (B/A) (13)
Comment: My first attempt at humour and came about due to a conversation about keeping animals as pets.


PWP's Adults only!
Stories otherwise known as - plot? what plot?

Summary: Everything tastes better outside.
Posted: 2004. (Romance/Fluff) (B/A) (Rating:Adult)
Comment: I got the idea for this story while shopping in Tesco!

Summary: Angel lends a hand
Posted in 2002.(Romance, angst) (B/A) (Adult)

Feast of the Senses
Summary: A quick snack before dinner.
Posted in 2012 (B/A) (Adult)

Passing Through
Summary: What happened to Angel after Graduation?
Posted in 2007.(Dark) (Angel/Other) (Adult)

Summary: Passion doesn't weigh the consequences.
Posted in 2003.(Romance) (B/A) (Adult)
Comment: My first attempt at a PWP.

* * *

Project Paranormal Stories

I have also written twelve stories for my post NFA site, Project Paranormal. I have included links to them, but really, it would be much better if you started at the beginning of the series and read them in the proper order.

I am inordinately proud of this series. Most virtual series' have been written by a small band of dedicated writers. I wanted to do something more ambitious with PP and include guest writers into our team and still keep the basic PP framework intact - and that was something I'd never seen done or even knew if it could be done. As it turned out, PP ran for four years (it ended in 2009) and was far more popular than I could ever have imagined. We ended up with contributions from 18 writers (including some very popular fandom authors) and had legions of fans whose love of the series was truly humbling. I am honoured to have played a small part in the Buffyverse fandom, and I hope you will enjoy the journey as much as we did.

Our first story in the series begins with Consequences, written by Jo. This story picks up after NFA, and tells us what happened to Buffy, Angel and Giles, and takes us neatly into the Project Paranormal world.


The twelve stories I contributed:

Summary: England's green and pleasant land...
Posted in 2005

Devil's Hill
Summary: The discovery of an ancient stone causes major problems for the Project team.
Posted in 2005

Summary: Should you believe everything that's foretold?
Posted in 2006

A Canterbury Tale
Summary: The Witch's Tale.
Posted in 2006

Green Fingers
Summary: Green fingers are the extension of a verdant heart. ~ Russell Page.
Posted in 2006

Summary: "There's queer things goes on there." ~ Jamaica Inn.
Posted in 2006

Summary: What lies underneath?
Posted in 2007

Night Creatures
Summary: All kinds of creatures cherish the night.
Posted in 2007

Double Vision
Summary: Summer is here again, and the Giles household has its hands - and kitchen - full. But are the village preparations the only worry?
Posted in 2007

A Day in the Life
Summary: What's Martha's day really like?
Posted in 2008

Summary: It's our relationships that make us who we are.
Posted in 2008

Summary: Goods bought in a local sale brings trouble for Giles...
Posted in 2005